Robert Govers


Robert Govers


Are you thinking about the reputation of your city, region or country in this globalized and multipolar world? Well, if so, you are in the right place as this is uniquely the topic that I advise governments and their stakeholders on; which I study, speak and write about (for 20+ years). Read my book!

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My favourite topics

Positioning strategy, identity, image, reputation, symbolic actions / imaginative initiatives, community imagination, tourism marketing, investment promotion, and major international events. This is approached from a strategic reputation management perspective, which is based on the premise that places build reputation through actions, not propaganda. I also co-authored the Good Country Index.

Services offered

Reputation management and strategy consulting, research, training and public speaking.


My research and experience show that for cities, regions or countries to be admired they:

  • have to be admirable
  • through a sense of identity, belonging and virtue
  • by which to influence international perceptions
  • with access to mainstream and social media buzz
  • by building unique experiences
  • through imagination and leadership
  • and community collaboration.



  • Work
    • Anholt & Co. / IPBA
  • Education
    • PhD
Robert gave a phenomenal presentation at European Cities Marketing conference in Madrid... Robert's straight-shooting and no-marketing-mumbo-jumbo approach ... is both refreshing and very educational. Robert's message was very well received and top-rated by the delegates.
European Cities Marketing
Robert was our keynote speaker at the 2017 Tel Aviv Cities Summit, and delivered a wonderful presentation... Robert is able to communicate his ideas in a way that keeps everyone in the audience engaged.
Tel Aviv Cities Summit
It has been said that countries should measure their gross national imagination, a critical resource for success in the twenty-first century. Robert's important new book 'Imaginative Communities' shows why this is crucial in an age of fractured identity – and how so many places have forged initiatives that put themselves on the map but also inspire the rest of the world.
Dr Parag Khanna, Author of 'Connectography'